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What if you can access all of the unsold inventory from the biggest media companies at huge discounts? That’s Remnant Media Exchange! 

Why remnant media exchange?

RME has direct access to unsold inventory with the largest media companies across the country.

Think about it like this: Have you ever booked a hotel room last minute online. Rather than losing revenue opportunity from unsold rooms, hotels often make these rooms available at deep discounts through various websites. The hotel wins because they still make some money from the room, and the guest wins because they get an amazing deal.

Our Exchange allows us to purchase unsold national, regional and local media, at prices far below the market during prime time periods on all of the top performing networks and digital platforms.

remnant television

television - cable - ott/streaming

Get more value for every dollar with remnant television, cable, and OTT/Streaming so you can reach a more expansive and highly engaged audience when and where they are consuming content.

remnant Radio

radio - pandora - Spotify - podcasts

With remnant audio, you can maximize your reach for only pennies on the dollar across AM/FM, streaming services, and podcasts.

remnant digital

paid search - social media - retargeting - email marketing

With its real-time delivery model, digital advertising is a highly efficient way to leverage remnant inventory to drive consideration and conversion.

remnant hispanic media

television - radio - digital

Highly Targeted & Customized Media Buying

Hispanic and multicultural consumers are shaping the marketplace – and we know how to reach and engage with this relatively untapped segment through remnant media.

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